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We Offer A Unique Mirror X Photo Booth for Events, Parties, Fun & Entertainment

Elite Motions Foto Booths


Photo Booth in the Las Vegas area

Are you looking forward to adding fun and entertaining moments to your next party?  Do you want to create memories that last a lifetime?  Visit Elite Motions Foto Booths!  We have a mirror photo booth that’s unique.  We are located in North Las Vegas and we’ve been entertaining our guests since 2021.

How Are
We Different?

Elite Motions Foto Booths

At Elite Motions Foto Booth, we have a one-of-a-kind Mirror Photo Booth where our guests can pose their best selves.  No other photo booth has caught the guests’ attention like our Mirror X Photo Booth.

Licenced & Insured

Do you often party at your home? You can rent our Mirror X Photo Booth to create memories. We also host a wide range of corporate events, parties, and special events. We’re fully licensed and insured. With Elite Motions Foto Booths, you can have a blast at your next party!